Creating sustainable branded environments

sustainable branded environments

Creating sustainable branded environments

Creating sustainable branded environments that are physical manifestations of a brand has been part of our DNA since 8 Global’s inception.

When people engage with your shop, bank, station, studio or even offices they need to be enveloped by your brand. When stakeholders enter your branded environment they develop a relationship with your brand. It invokes an emotional response that they want to be associated with and encourages them to spend more time building a connection with your brand. Branded environments also help develop ways in which to manage customer behaviour within the space.

We have excelled in creating cutting edge ATM galleries and “Branches of the Future” for banks across Africa. We ensure that we bring your brand to life and create meaningful engagement opportunities for your customers.

Interior design

In this new Covid reality we design spaces that integrate health and safety as a design principle. We allow for dynamic spaces to adjust as conditions change.

We support the move away from traditional print and digital mediums towards a fully immersive digital experience where there is as little physical contact with surfaces as possible

  • People
  • Safety
  • Digital

Digital spaces

The digital landscape is constantly changing. In our design, we have moved away from fixed digital items and have integrated projection and dynamic spaces that will allow the clients to use the latest technology as it evolves.

We believe we have achieved a balance between digital and human interaction in our design.

  • Projections
  • Sustainable materials
  • Local content

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