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eSwatini Mobile, the second largest mobile network operator in the country wished to increase their market share and improve their brand perception within their target audience – the people of eSwatini; and approached 8BRAND to create and implement an 8-month-long promotional campaign from May 2021.

The BIG Idea: “WIN A MILLION” was the underlying theme of the promotion; which would be split into two components. Each component of the promotion would be based around three huge monthly prizes, increasing in value every month – from E500 000,00 in month 1, to E 750 000,00 in month 2 and finally the ultimate prize of E 1 000 000,00 in month 3.

The first component, focusing more on engaging and attracting customers, was called “Become a Millionaire” as eSwatini Mobile would be making one winner a millionaire; and the second component, focusing more on brand perception within the market, was called “Share with Friends or Family”, where the 3 monthly prizes would be shared by the nominating winner; who would get 50% of the prize, and the balance is shared by 10 of his/her friends as nominated by them. The winner would get a prize and share his good luck with his friends.

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