How do I improve my brand value with Brand strategy AI Analytics and big data?

Brand strategy AI Analytics

How do I improve my brand value with Brand strategy AI Analytics and big data?

Brand strategy AI Analytics is a new field of brand management whereby big data is used to help businesses with complex brands and audiences, manage themselves better.

In an increasingly complex world where brands are now competing globally, not just in their own backyard, being able to have an understanding of where your brand sits in the grand scheme of things is vital.

Many brands have spent years and countless dollars building up their brand reputation, but managing these brands is becoming more complicated to manage. This is due to fragmented markets, changing language patterns, usage and unintended access to new markets where an understanding of each of the segments you are trying to connect with is not always possible, or potentially very expensive to maintain.

Creating brand value by understanding your brand landscape

It starts by understanding the brand data landscape that is available to the client, leveraging partner and available data that may not reside in the organisation, and blending these together to create a dashboard which can assist brand owners to understand and manage their brands better.

We then visualise each of your markets in terms of which products to offer to which market. We can consider which colours, fragrances, and pack sizes can be best utilised across these markets and whether there are potential opportunities to bring new pack sizes, new fragrances, and new flavours based on the segments’ social media and other structured data available to us from the likes of Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook and a multitude of other channels. We are now able to give you an understanding of the most valuable target segments, the language they are using, the imagery that they are engaging with, and the social networks that have the most traction.

Traditional brand analysis is done on either an ad hoc basis, quarterly or even annually. What 8 Global offers is an up-to-the-minute understanding of where your brand is.

Creative data science

Our creative data science concept blends two schools of thought that have diverged over the years. In the age of polymaths, you had students of learning who understood both science chemistry physics and the arts and who were able to bring together thinking from various disciplines into a Holistic concept. We believe that creating a data science can take us back to a time when complex issues and complex ideas were synthesised in one brain to create an exceptional outcome.

These polymaths such as Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo were not only interested in science but they were interested in how this understanding of the world and universe could be applied or manifested into products that could bring Humanity forward.

Example of AI brand strategy

I want to give you an example of a beverage company. Imagine you could understand the change in the flavour preference across the country, not just across the country but across various regions. This would allow you to forecast what flavours you are going to bring into the markets in the future, and which flavours would resonate best to increase success and acceptance rate.

Imagine being able to visualise the size of the different youth markets across the world in which you operate, and what music is most popular at the moment. This could be utilised by your communications agency to create cutting edge content that will really dial into the Zeitgeist

A lot to take in we know, so we look forward to speaking to you further to help you on your AI brand journey.

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